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New SS24 collection now online. Largest UK stockist.

Carsten Rundholz is responsible for the wonderful garments in the three Rundholz clothing collections: RUNDHOLZ, RUNDHOLZ DIP, and BLACK LABEL.

His choice of fabrics is inspiring, with fabrics of the highest quality, all carefully chosen to compliment the garments. Walkers offers the largest choice online of the Rundholz collection and this season we will be extending the size of the collection even further. Our service is impeccable, and we look forward to hearing from you! The collections are for all tastes and purses.

The BLACK LABEL has all the wonderful features you expect in Rundholz clothing, whilst being very accessible pricewise.

The RUNDHOLZ and the RUNDHOLZ DIP label offer incredible design and fabrics that can only be described as inspired. Rundholz has established radical modern shapes, has the courage to lead, differentiate while being individual.

While other couples in their twenties were mingling in cafes, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz were already planning their first collection. Not only did they want to wear distinctive fashions, they also wanted to share their creative ideas with others, building a lifestyle brand.

Lenka Rundholz started in the industry as a display and visual presentation artist, she always wanted to be dressed beautifully. It was a challenge for Carsten, as a former graphic designer he was trained in the art of fashion through its design and wanted to create a look his wife would love to wear.

They presented their first collection in 1993. A natural look, balancing between everyday’s life and business, easily finding fans in the creative scene aiming not being part of the typical fashion circus with all its dazzling magazines. Film producers, artists, authors and journalists, all loved the textured quotes which more mostly influenced by art scene impulses, travel and simply from observing architecture.’I sometimes think that we’re not creating fashion but simply garments’ Carsten Rundholz says.

Every single design is developed in the lower Rhine area. Only an hour away from major cities like Dusseldorf or Cologne, this area is characterized by small rivers and old trees, tiny fortresses and huge old farm buildings. Lenka and Carsten Rundholz carefully rebuilt and ancient regional farm, originally built in 1811, into a modern headquarter – their creative island behind high hedges and old willows. Very efficiently they are creating two collections with around 600 pieces a year. Meanwhile, apart from coats, blouses and dresses, matching shoes, bags and belts are designed.

Carstens sense of Knowledge for materials and patterns, constantly presenting something new and unexpected, he is not only designing the collections but also continually choosing different scenes for is presentation. Either at the Dusseldorf flagship store, their shops in Antwerp and Munich or the architecturally exceptional flagship store in Berlin: All spaces are as uniquely designed as the fashion itself. Always truly adhering to their philosophy: ‘we’ll only be successful by remaining incomparable.’ In this way the Rundholz universe is growing: Creative and successful – but without being noisy.